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My Biggest Mistake

Hello my fellow bloggers!
Today is a brand new day, a new day for me to share another experience with you guys. Lets admit, we never like to be wrong or ever have to say we made a mistake. We often let pride get in the way of that. I am here to say that pride definitely got in the way several times in my life. Today I will be sharing you with you all my biggest mistake. My biggest mistake is holding on to things that I need to let go. I am sure I am not the only one who does that either. It could be a person, thing, situation, or a certain feeling that we need to let go of. I've learned that holding on can actually do more damage than letting go. The more you try to hold on to something that is causing you pain or sadness will only continue to cause you more pain and more sadness. Its like a domino effect, it keeps going and going until you finally get knocked down. If you something that you are holding on to is causing you to lose your peace, happiness, positivity, or mind then it is really time to let go. I've learned that letting go isn't as bad as I thought it would be. You will find that the very thing you couldn't live without, you actually can. You will feel like a whole new person. A weight and burden will be lifted off of your shoulders. When I held on to things for a long period of time I got into a real depressed stage. I couldn't find any happiness or joy or excitement in anything. I was always laying around not enjoying life like I should have been. I had to realize that the very things I was holding on to was slowly sucking the life out of me, it was draining me dry. I had to pray very hard and consistently to get out of that stage. I started to see life differently and I told myself holding on was not the answer. I had to let go. I eventually let go of most things that had me bound. I am still working on letting go of some things as we speak. It's not easy but it will all be worth it in the end. My advice to you all today is to let go. Do not hold on to anything that is causing you to be unhappy, not be at peace, or great. Do not be bound to things that do not lift you up or put you in better spirits. It can and will have a negative impact on your health and your life and that is something that you do not want (trust me). I pray that everyone who are bound to holding on to things that they should release let it go!


  1. Absolutely love this! We're in this together sis.


    1. Glad to know there is somebody out there in this with me! Thanks for reading an your support!

  2. I hold on to things as well. We all think it's better to stay protected and guarded, but there's beauty in being vulnerable. It's hard to get this into practice. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Yes you're right! Thanks for reading!


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