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L'Oréal Paris Matte Lipstick

So I received two of these lipsticks complimentary for testing purposes and I instantly fell in love with the colors! I received colors milk and cookies and cowboy. The milk and cookies is my absolute favorite shade! It matches my skin tone in a way. The cowboy color was a little too bold and light for my comfort but it is very pretty. I am not too fond of matte lipstick because of the effect it has on my lips afterwards and this lipstick did not change my mind about that. My lips were extremely dry after I let this lipstick stay on my lips for some minutes/ it was hard to come off as well. That's the only downfall of these lipsticks. Other than that they are totally great! They have wonderful scents also. I recently did a video on YouTube showcasing makeup I had received that weekend. These lipsticks were part of the video and I had the milk and cookies color on my lips in that video. The video on is on my YouTube channel. Here is the link be sure to check it out! Other than the dryness and trouble of the lipstick coming off I do recommend this lipstick! Check it out!


  1. I may have to try out his lipstick!

  2. I love matte lipsticks. Its good to apply chapstick or have your lips moisturized prior to application. Did you try using an oil to take it off? That usually works

    1. No I didnt! I will definitely try that next time! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I'm a big lipstick fan. I have been using Dior for forever but I think It is time for me to try out some new brands and this one sounds very intriguing


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