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Favorite ways to unwind after a stressful day

We have all had those days that were just extremely stressful. It can be a day at work, a day with unruly or over excited children, or even a bad run in with your significant other. However, there are ways to unwind from a stressful day. One of my favorite things to do is to take a nice hot bath. I will fill the tub with warm/hot water and add in bubbles and then I would I just hop in and sit. I'd soak for a good 30 to 45 minutes in my own little world. I have this body scrub that smells heavenly and I would also use that to take my mind off of things. The scent would give me a peaceful, serene feeling. I recommend using something with lavender scent to use while engaging in a nice, hot bath to ease stress. Oil from Nature's Origin Aromatherapy is perfect for this, it's amazing! I close my eyes and I lean back, relaxing in a world full of peace and serenity. I pray and talk to God while doing this and it helps me calm down. Another one of my favorite ways to unwind from a…

My Biggest Mistake

Hello my fellow bloggers!
Today is a brand new day, a new day for me to share another experience with you guys. Lets admit, we never like to be wrong or ever have to say we made a mistake. We often let pride get in the way of that. I am here to say that pride definitely got in the way several times in my life. Today I will be sharing you with you all my biggest mistake. My biggest mistake is holding on to things that I need to let go. I am sure I am not the only one who does that either. It could be a person, thing, situation, or a certain feeling that we need to let go of. I've learned that holding on can actually do more damage than letting go. The more you try to hold on to something that is causing you pain or sadness will only continue to cause you more pain and more sadness. Its like a domino effect, it keeps going and going until you finally get knocked down. If you something that you are holding on to is causing you to lose your peace, happiness, positivity, or mind then i…

Treat yourself, don't beat yourself

Yesterday I posted a nice quote on my Instagram page (@leahhhh__)  it said "Treat yourself. Don't beat yourself." When I made that quote I didn't really elaborate on its meaning right then. I mean, I knew what I meant I just didn't sit down and actually ponder on it for a while. Well, this morning I did my usual, I woke up got myself and my son dressed so I could take him to his bus stop, and as I we were sitting waiting for the bus I started to feel really sad. I began to beat myself up on how I didn't look a certain way, dress a certain way, how much of a parent I was and other things. I got into a kind of depressed mode as we sat there. I was telling my fiancé about it and he was telling me to stop. He told me I was hurting myself because of the negative and discouraging things I was saying/thinking to myself. I realized he was right. I was literally driving myself crazy with my own thoughts. Then my quote from yesterday popped in my head. I now fully unde…

L'Oréal Paris Matte Lipstick

So I received two of these lipsticks complimentary for testing purposes and I instantly fell in love with the colors! I received colors milk and cookies and cowboy. The milk and cookies is my absolute favorite shade! It matches my skin tone in a way. The cowboy color was a little too bold and light for my comfort but it is very pretty. I am not too fond of matte lipstick because of the effect it has on my lips afterwards and this lipstick did not change my mind about that. My lips were extremely dry after I let this lipstick stay on my lips for some minutes/ it was hard to come off as well. That's the only downfall of these lipsticks. Other than that they are totally great! They have wonderful scents also. I recently did a video on YouTube showcasing makeup I had received that weekend. These lipsticks were part of the video and I had the milk and cookies color on my lips in that video. The video on is on my YouTube channel. Here is the link be sure to …

Olay Regenerist review

This is a really great product! It has sunscreen in it which makes it even better. It has a nice scent as well! No one wants to have something that stinks on their face so I'm glad this smells good. It makes my skin soft and more youthful. It's a really great moisturizer! I definitely recommend this! I am entering in this Olay campaign as part of a contest!