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Tree Hut Mask

I have been using this exfoliating clay mask from tree hut and it is the best one I've ever used. I've been using it for about a month now. I deceived to share my experiences with it with you all. I applied the mask two times a week and I left it on until it dried completely. As I washed it off my face I scrubbed in circles to get that extra exfoliating feel. It made skin really soft and I have noticed that some of my dark spots and acne scars have diminished in color. It takes away all dead skin and traces of makeup too. I absolutely love it. I think you all should check it out! I received this complimentary to test out and review!

Showing Support

It has been a few days since I have made an actual blog post about my day or something that I have learned but I'm here now. I have been busy getting my YouTube channel together and doing reviews/promotions for makeup and hair that I haven't had time to just sit down and blog. After sitting back and looking over my blog posts and video submissions I realized that I do not receive as much support as I give out. It's kind of crazy how people support others and their ideas who are popular but don't support people around them with their ideas. There are people around us who have talent and great ideas but they never receive the support they need because they are not popular. We should learn to support everyone whether they are new and upcoming without much popularity or very popular. Support makes a person feel good and it boosts their confidence. I would love to have the support that I give others. I am learning that even though I do not receive support from a lot of peop…

Juvias Place Masquerade Mini Palette


It has been a great day! Woke up feeling refreshed this morning and I had an awesome day. We were on our way to pick up some groceries and it began rain. It rained really hard and the sky was dark and gloomy. I thought the day was going to stay gloomy and dark, I thought let the storm wasn't going to end. As we drove further out the sun began to shine and the rain stopped completely. The storm don't last always. Just when I thought the sun wasn't going to shine it did. Through life we are going to go through many different trials, storms, and troubles. Those challenges don't last a lifetime. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just when you think your life is about to be over or that things will not get better, it turn around for the better. Everything will be fine. Never give up and pray continuously. P.u.s.h : Pray Until Something Happens! I pray everyone comes out of their own personal storm.

Family is Everything

On the way to Florida with my family and I'm very excited! This will be the first time my son gets to go to the beach! We have seen so many things and he was very excited about it. It makes me smile and very good to know that he loves the things that we have seen so far. I love that he is happy. His happiness means the world to me. As we are riding I am thinking to myself "Family is Everything." Family is supposed to get along, love each other, be there for each other, comfort each other, and most importantly stick together. When you don't have anyone else or when all of those so called friend vanish you should be able to fall on your family. They should be there to help pick you up during bad times and bring out the best in you. Family over everything right? It is important to get things right with each and every family member if there is ever problem amongst each other. You never know when that person's last day on earth is and it would be a horrible feeling if…