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Encourage Yourself and Others

Life is truly a roller coaster. One minute everything will be peaches and cream the next minute it's falling apart. I've learned that you can encourage someone as much as you can, be an anchor for that person but it is ultimately up to them to make the best and right choice. You simply cannot mold or change someone on your own. It's beyond your power. It's up to God and that person. Sure you can be a positive influence to that person but it's up to them to do right. One minute you can be having the best time of your life the next it's crumbling. Life comes at you fast but you must be prepared to take on every obstacle that it throws your way. It's all about making the best and right choices. You either listen to the angel on one shoulder or the devil on the other. The little devil on your shoulder can get you into a lot of devilish things. It can make your life a living hell if you allow it or stay in your old negative ways. Again I say it's up to you t…

Stay Focused

Today has been another long day. From going to one city to another city to home has drained me out. I came home to another load of schoolwork that I have yet to complete. As I'm sitting here I'm telling myself that I need to remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize. I do not need to slack up. When you slack up you become comfortable with it and end up not accomplishing your goals. I'm not trying to do that. I have places I want to be in life and right this is not where I want to be. I often get frustrated that some things come in my way from getting things done. More so I let people get in the way of me completing things. Something someone says about me sometimes usually stays on my mind and makes frustrated and lose focus from my prize. Today I learned something about not letting anyone get to me and wasting my emotional energy. It is a quote from Joel Osteen and I will leave an attachment of that. I hope that it helps someone else out as much as it has helped me.

Negativity is a No No

This has been a very long day. I haven't had the time to just sit down and relax at all today. I have had tons of schoolwork that I needed to get finished today and it has literally taken majority of my day. My family and I leave for Florida in a few days and I am just now starting to pack. I can say that packing is not as easy as I thought it would be. I have a lot more to pack but I decided to take a minute out and write my blog post for the day. On yesterday I attended my nieces basketball game and I was presented with a picture that spoke volumes to me. It is a quote from Joel Osteen and it really touched my soul. He stated that "some people will try to bait you. They feed off of arguing. They'll do things on purpose to try to stir you up. If you give in, you take the bait, then you're allowing them to control you. Do yourself a favor and do not take the bait. Next time that happens, just smile and move forward. You have a destiny to fulfill. You don't have ti…

Live Life

These past two days I've learned that family can be your biggest critic. They can sometimes be your biggest down fall. Have you ever felt like no one believed in you or the things you want to pursue? I had that happen to me yesterday. It is not a great feeling at all especially coming from a close family member. It's crazy how people can try to compare you to another person. There can only be one you and of them. No person is going to be the same as the next person. You can marry who you want for the reasons you want. You marry the person that you accept. You don't try to compare them to someone else as if the other person is better. You marry that person because you accept them as they are, flaws and all. Some may not like it but it is not up to them. The lesson I learned this weekend is that you should do what makes YOU happy. People are still going to talk about you whether you're doing good or bad, happy or sad. As long as you're happy then that's the only …

Have Faith

Today was a very scary day. My fiancé and I went to another city to handle some business and when we arrived we were amongst bad weather. Time passed by and all of a sudden the sirens began to sound off. We were under tornado warning and were told to take shelter. I immediately began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus over each of us. There was a bridge in front of us and there was a funnel cloud passing right by us. The sky began to clear up and the clouds began to move in another direction. The sun began to peek out a little and everything calmed down. Before there was heavy rain, high winds, and it was very dark. My lesson go today is to pray and have faith. I prayed for God's protection over us and I have faith and believed that he would take care of us and keep us from harms way. He did just that. It is very important to pray, have faith, and believe. We must not doubt the things God can do for us. Has there been a time when your faith was being tested?

Change is Good

Today has been a somewhat good day. I had a rough start this morning with some issues that I've been having for a while now. I've been praying for things to change with that situation and I'm not sure how things are going to turn out. I know prayer is the key to everything. Prayer changes things. My son and I went to my nieces basketball game today and we had a good time. Today I learned that no matter what you do you cannot change a person. The person has to want to change for themselves. You can be the best person ever or the most encouraging person ever to someone but if they do not appreciate it then that is not your fault. You know you've done your part so you must keep going forward. Things get better with time.